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$18.72 Buy it

$18.72 Buy it

Proud to be a part of @lovejet

Proud to be a part of

Each time you have guests, you need to find them some slippers. It would be nice that they have the same color and shape so that everyone feels comfortable.Lise El Sayed found a solution for this situation and designed an unusual rug which includes its own slippers made of the same material as the rug. Now everybody will be satisfied.

Ten Unique Rugs That Can Spruce Your Decor

Undoubtedly, while on the shopping spree to get home the best rug you might have come across oodles of smart choices but this one gotta be simply fantabulous. Tapistongs by Lise El Sayed is a stylish carpet unlike others with the matching slippers.

if adults acted like kids - YouTube

"Things children do that are unacceptable for adults to do" - This dad re-imagines what it would be like if he were to do the "annoying" things his kids do every day.

The Dusk of Man by Nanà Dalla Porta

The Dusk Of man. A tribute to : " 2001 a space odissey "

Winter Birds (Nuthatch) by Kyle Reed

We just discovered the wonderful work of Kyle Reed. He's got quite a unique illustration style and he uses collage quite a bit. Often with collage the visual elements can quickly become [.

All i Need

All i Need

The Knowledge by Schühle Lewis

The Knowledge by Schühle Lewis

Samsung-remake van Gangnam Style [Video]

PSY gangam style watch now online music video psy gangnam style.