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Hasselbad H4D-200MS Camera * At $44K for the body only, this is just a dream, but a very nice one.

The Hasselblad H4D-50 MS Digital SLR Camera offers the ultimate in digital medium-format image capture to professional commercial, studio, and fine art photographers. For still life work the camera does not compromise with its Multi-Shot Technology, and for live subjects the camera can shoot in normal single-shot mode. The camera is built around a 50 megapixel. $37,995.00

Hasselblad Lunar Mirrorless Camera: The promise of other worldly photos for 6.5K (That's $! ) via slashgear #Camera #Hasselblad #Mirrorless #slashgear

Vintage Camera Sabre 620 Red Bakelite 1950s RESERVED FOR ALICE

Rolleiflex 1937 Camera with Case 6in x 4in x 4in Metal Leather

Rolleiflex 1937 Camera with Case x x Metal Leather by JakemartCorporation on Etsy