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There comes a day in every child's life when they no longer want to take naps. What is a parent to do when nap time ends?

How much sleep does your child need? A handy chart. Need to print this off and give to the parents of my students. " no it's not ok that your 10 year old goes to bed at 11 on a school night"

Dr Oz: Rose Water & Cucumber Mint Water Recipes

On this Spa treatments at home, there's a recipe for delicious spa water :0 yumm! Cucumbers, lemon & mint!

Otters are naturally drawn to the water, but their babies benefit from some swimming lessons from mum. Watch as this baby gets some motherly advice on how to tread in the water, as well as guidance on how to stay dry and warm after heading back to land.

Use these child feeding messages, tips, and tools designed for mothers of kids 2-5 years old. Inspire them to use child feeding practices that can help their children develop healthy eating habits for life by integrating these materials into ongoing WIC, CACFP, and SNAP nutrition education.

An allegory about vaccines: AKA Why it sometimes bothers me when others don’t vaccinate their children | Hellobee

How to get kids to nap at the same time every day

How to get all your kids to nap at the same time. This is great sleep training information or troubleshooting sleep issues with newborns, babies, and toddlers.

Seven keys to creating a successful baby sleep, feeding, and play schedule