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It is a hard science fiction (i.e. science based) novel about an expedition to the moon Enceladus that is orbiting planet Saturn. There, astronauts will use a heated sphere to crush through the ice crust and reach the inner ocean to search for alien life.

This book is set in the future after the nuclear apocalypse. Survivors of the attacks live in compounds, one of which is in the Utah desert...

The story centers around a series of actual postcards that come from outer space and the moon. In the book, space travel doesn’t have the kind of modern feel that we associate with modern NASA projects. The version of space travel depicted should look like something from the late 1940s or early 1950s. It should be very retro.

Science fiction set in the modern day with elements of the thriller genre and mythology.

The book is about a young woman who can see the future, so time is the central concept.

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