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4.7.16+1:25pm // 31/100 days of productivity // hello, everyone! i’m back with the bullet journal ideas. i made these yesterday after studying, and i was trying to think out of the box. also, i got the “celebrity wall” thing from when my friend...

Reminds me of my English creative gothic writing piece. The spooks of a train station...claustrophobic concaves.

Usain Bolt may have been the only athlete who upstaged swimmer Michael Phelps in the recent Beijing Olympics. The Jamaican sprinter surprisingly set two individual world records in the 100 and 200 meters and was part of a 4×100 relay world record Jamaican team.

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I bet u cant

Tyler is me <<< same. And who the frick-track is that and why the frick-frack r they suddenly every where. They look frickin annoying.

Improve your running speed with the Sprinter Workout. The routine can be done indoors as well as outdoors (High Skips & Straight-Leg Bounds). Sprinting is broken down into three stages: explosion, acceleration, deceleration. In terms of the 100m...

Benedict Cumberbatch " Thanks Jack Whitehall for trying". " You almost had him!". Lol

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