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Cry No More Painting  - Cry No More Fine Art Print--This is precious

Cry No More Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Alyson Harris

This painting is the first in a series called "Local Heroes". "Cry No More" is intended to pay tribute to not only SWAT personnel, but law enforcement as a whole.


Police deserve our respect and gratitude for the for doing the dangerous work and making the hard decisions that keep the rest of us safe.

I have nothing against peaceful protest, but killing anyone is not the way to protest. Protesters that cause destruction to property and hurt/kill people are Domestic Terrorists... they are nothing but thugs looking for a reason to spread their violence.

There is nothing wrong with peaceful protesting but once you start damaging property, looting, hurting and/or killing people than you have become a domestic terrorist.

RULE #1 EVERYONE GOES HOME  Law Enforcement Today www.lawenforcementtoday.com

Hubby getting messages like crazy right now from fellow officers and former coworkers. Prayers for the deputy shot in my hometown tonight and to his family.

Nothing else to say...

David A.Verified account Another cop killed by a scumbag as Obama sits in his echo chamber of anti-cop sentiments and Black Lives Matter.