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How to make Clove Oil: great for toothaches! Not essential oil, but a herbal oil with great instructions

How to Make Your Own Thieves Oil Blend Recipe (This stuff is so cool, legend says during the bubonic plague, four thieves would rob those that had died and never got sick because they used this oil combination.)

Abide With Me: Dr. Mom To The Rescue~ Part 1: Health Care At Home The Natural Way Featuring The Home Apothecary

The Top 10 Magical Uses Of Peppermint Oil: Weight Loss, IBS, Indigestion, Bad Breath, Respiratory (asthma, nasal congestion, sinusitis, cough/cold, bronchitis), Stress/Anxiety, Headaches, Pain Relief, Hair (dandruff, head lice, hair growth, balances pH, adds shine, cools scalp), Skin (stimulates blood flow, cools) @revitaliseyourhealth.com

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