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Araukana bílá

Hi, I just wanted to share pictures of my beautiful Roosters This is Rigby, a bantam Silver Phoenix i NightStar, a bantam Dark Brown Phoenix Teacup, a bantam White.

Ladies and gents, I give you the harpy eagle - 9GAG<<<< the best part is it looks like a dragon!!!!

Ladies and gents, I give you the harpy eagle

phoenix07 | backyared Chickens


If Matt had a say in this, we would have one of these lol!

What a beautiful rooster.

good morning to you. and your pretty tail feathers. have a very happy fancy fowl friday friends.

Aqui estoy voy por ti,preparate.

Phoenix Chickens are a small, highly ornamental bird with an extraordinarily long tail.

Baby duck with baby owl.

"Baby Owl, & Baby Duck", know no difference is the "Cluck"~ (different Bird species) The saying is, "Birds of a Feather, stick together"~ Wanta Flock? (They will soon learn)~

what chicks?!?! too funny backyard chickens.

Baby chicks know where to go if things get scary. That's right - straight under mama's protective wings! Mother hens are every bit as fierce in guarding their babies as any mother grizzly.


Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France My 2 favorite things. Interesting doors and chickens!