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😍😍jeje si me kieres asi pues deja decirte k tambien soOy bn…

Verona clamps down on tourists visiting Romeo and Juliet's balcony

Verona, Italy, Juliet's Balcony.. I love how much history this place has. I've always wanted to visit it. The fact this place had been built for a character from one of Shakespeares most well known place a really shows how much of a genius the man was.

¿Por qué estresarse por lo que acontece?

«Pierda cuidado, pues por lo general, lo que acontece, acontece sin usted».

You felt familiar the moment I met you. A lovely sort of déjà vu. When we spoke or laughed or danced I became overwhelmed by the powerful sensation that I had been here before. And when we kissed I felt the energies of a thousand lives on our lips, like our souls had known each other all along. –Beau Taplin

Jimin... I use to say as a joke that anyone with chinese characters on their ribs made them a dish 'chinese spare ribs' XD