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Royal King - Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, 10 Ml X 10 Bottles by royal king. $3.00. 100% Natural Refined in Honey Base. Acts as an antioxidant, has anti-aging effects, reduces blood pressure, inhibit blood clotting. Increase the supply of oxygen to the heart, brain, and all bodily parts. Indications: Poor memory, muscle pains, tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss, impotence, Raynaud's disease. 799745282061 Phone: (410) 296-3808

The new 'smart meters' from utility companies, is RF EMF radiation. People already have heart arrhythmia, nausea, allergies, tinnitus, headache and more...these meters can expose us to 160 to 800x as much microwave radiation as mobile phones do....

If I don't answer my phone the first time you call, calling five more times isn't going to make me answer.

SleepPhones Night Headphones SleepPhones® ($39.95) Patented headband headphones design for soft superior fit all night long Washable Removable speakers and machine washable headband Eco-friendly Lead-free components and Polartec® recycled plastic non-pilling wicking fleece

CFLs-Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs once though to be energy and cost efficient actually contain mercury and other toxins.

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