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Swimmer/theatre probs.....I can't....i have rehearsal/swim practice ;)<-- that's like me but with soccer, volleyball, choir, AND theatre

Doctor Who Today on

This is exactly what Doctor Who has done with my life -- Yup. Sad, no no no, really good fact about me :D (for me) Social life, Doctor Who and me.

One-Song Workouts exercises

5 One-Song Workouts

One of my favorite work out songs. Macklemore~Can't Hold Us 1 Song Workout!

They have. It just won't work on our gaming outlets because they read the disks differently in Asia.

Just Dance needs these kind of levels! lets lose some weight xd ~ I can do Lucifer, some EXO, some SuJu.yep, that's it

I'm listening to  Paramore - Part II and #spiderman is dancing to it LOL  what about you?does he dance to your song?

Funny pictures about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Also, Spider-man is the master of any beat.

☼ Tell them I was happy And my heart is broken All my scars are open☾

this may say 'gymnast problems' but I felt the same way when I had to take off 3 weeks this hockey season due to stretched knee ligaments. It killed me to sit and watch my team play without me <<<<<< same with swimming.

The serial love-rat who tricked two of his girlfriends into carrying out illegal trades worth almost £1.8million was jailed for two years and eight months yesterday.

Investment banker jailed for helping his two lovers make more than £1.5m by leaking confidential inside information

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