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ZODIAC LEO FACTS - Leo often feels “alone” in life. And when not doing things of purpose, they can become very melancholy or stressed., oh wow so true.


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Leo Facts-I know you aren't controlled by stars or signs but this is actually pretty accurate. I don't get angry that often...frustrated, yes...lots of emotions for sure.

One of true facts about Leo is their strong personality. Even when deeply hurt or facing the biggest obstacle of life, Leo can still show their adorable smile and say I'm fine.

So very true.... People that just take things for granted bug me so much


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leos choose their company based on morals and personality. keep it classy or keep it moving.

Sino Te Gusta Te Lo Digo Igual♊

Sino Te Gusta Te Lo Digo Igual♊


My Leo drives me crazy with this Bipolar Leo's !Zodiac Leo facts — Leo tends to have different personalities. They can be very outgoing, funny and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, shy and moody.

Yep, I have to be beyond in love

Leos never chase after someone unless they are really important. Other than that you can walk out that door and don't come back. Speaking as a Leo this is soo true. Several people in my family can attest to their experiences with this