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hahaahah what...

And now, a post all about Nyan Cat. - Anyone who knows me, knows I loves me some Nyan Cat. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you FAIL at internet. Here is a link tot the webpage, you can.

grumpy cat meme picture i feel pretty pretty sure i'm going to claw your eyes out

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Grumpy Cat Listens to Bruno Mars. haha if a guy says this to you.say prove it. they'll prob say it was a joke ;

Grumpy cat: I'll never forget the first time we met Although i will keep trying.

Sure, I’m not going to deny that I like Tarder Sauce, the Grumpy Cat. Or, I should say that I appreciate the memes that sprang up around this cat’s…interesting likeness.


Laughter is the best medicine. / Real life Nyan Cat does not approve.