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Quiz Result: Your Harry Potter Life!!!

I took a HP quiz and I'm Gryffindor! And my BF is Fred! Apparently I'm Hermione's study buddy and Fred's co-pranker (besides George). I'm gonna let Fred live in my mind😂

Name the Country- Asia There are lots more of these on the site.

Name the Country- Asia. Great way to assess students prior knowledge of countries and regions within Asia.

What Do People Actually Hate About You? "You got: SELF-PITYING The only thing worse than the mistakes you make is listening to you apologize for it 20 times. I’m BEGGING you not to take this quiz result so seriously that it puts you in a funk for days. Everyone you know has problems too, but their worst one is listening to you whine. Let me guess — you’re sorry that you apologize so much?"

What Do People Actually Hate About You?

If you get offended easily and your feelings get hurt easily than don't take this quiz unless you REALLY want to know why people hate you. If you take the quiz, just be prepared.

Lord Of The Rings Personality Quiz - I am an Elf! Awesomeness.

Which Magical Tolkien Creature Are You?

Which magical Tolkien character are you?~ I got an elf. I've always liked the elves but after finishing The Hobbit Trilogy I kinda like the dwarves more.

Grimm - Personality Quiz Result

Grimm Personality Quiz Result: Which 'Grimm' Character Are You?

What role do you play in your family? I got the perfect one-You’re the perfect one! Mature and sensible, you’re the family’s greatest success. You’re respectful and trustworthy, and considered to be the smart and capable one. Although you may occasionally fear failure, your natural intellect and talent will take you far (and make your family look good).

What Role Do You Play in Your Family?

Family System Theorists have divided the family unit into specific 'roles' corresponding to unique emotional responsibilities and traits. Let's find out which of these roles you play in YOUR family!

Warehouse 13 - Personality Quiz Result. I totally see a lot of myself in her :)

Warehouse 13 Personality Quiz Result: Which Warehouse 13 Character Are You?

Quizzes > Your Quiz Result <-- ok then...

Quizzes > Your Quiz Result all i did was answer honestly , i don't see yandere in my self though