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A four-minute video hilariously demonstrating just how much Christian fundamentalists have in common with Islamic fundamentalists.

Christianity FAIL/HATE ALERT: Pat Robertson Says Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs (VIDEO)

Liberal idiots●●●● ummmm yeah, your going to have to go ahead and accept tke laws of the United States of America, which states exactly that. You don't have to be illegal, your most welcome to come here legally as generations before have honored.

People are accustomed to following with the crowd; not questioning anything, just blissfully hoping that the way things are is the "right" way. Question everything, do not accept anything you are given but rather keep an open mind about everything and be different!

Who are the true “Christians”: today’s Conservative Christians or our infidel Founding Fathers? "Christian" is nothing more than an empty label. Organized religion is a cancer upon our planet. > > > Click image for results of my poll!

Rev. Billy Graham’s Demon Spawn Tells Fox News Muslims Have ‘Infiltrated The White House’ (VIDEO)

Christian Parents File Federal Lawsuit After Daughter Learns About Islam in World History Class

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