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34 graphic designers to follow on Behance

Argentina-based Minga Creative - Studio came out with a funny and creative posters idea. They called the project "WTF?" and after gaining success had to even make an addition of WTF

Happy Birthday Mr. Dragon

❤Kawaii Love❤ ~Happy birthday dragon can't blow out candles.I WANNA DRAGON especialy toothless


lizclimo: “ king godzilla for toby and indiana ” In honor of our Daikaiju Discussion this month, Son Of Godzilla I present one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever seen!

This baby who has discovered the transformative and healing powers of the selfie. ❤

22 Babies Who Discovered Selfies

I love little kids. They're so funny and this kid omg he's so cute lol just look at his face at the end!

T-rex trying to rock climb.. poor t-rex.

As a girl climbing with short arms, I understand his frustration.

With good old American hard work and ingenuity, even T-Rex can do it.

"Rex the Riveter" by Nathan Davis aka obvian Science can do it! An homage to Rosie the Riveter


A Laughing Librarian - Vol. 1

Funny pictures about This Dinosaur Probably Existed. Oh, and cool pics about This Dinosaur Probably Existed. Also, This Dinosaur Probably Existed photos.

First world dinosaur problems! Tag your friends. #trex #dinosaur #tyrannosaurus #jurassicworld #tyrannosaurusrex #dinosaurs #dino

t-rex problems. haha don't know where are the t-rex jokes are coming from but too funny

I HATE when that happens! ! Even worse, If It's in my car & they Have the nerve to tURN it DOWN!  Like damn.

you're speaking during my favorite part of this song and that makes me homicidal.SO TRUE!

Get Fuzzy... Bucky is the world's most amazing cat, period. Enough said.

Get Fuzzy. Bucky is the world's most amazing cat, period.