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Say Hello to Zorro!

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Another Wireframe reference, these characters are nothing like the character I am creating but the edge flow is completed very well on these two.


The richest kid in the town, resides in a huge mansion outside of town which ruins it's beach aesthetic. After the transformation he becomes more spoilt.

I'm not sure to understand well but, the basemeshes were actually pretty basic. Sometimes it was just a sphere with dynamesh for the organic stuff, like the fish or the pig leg, other times it was a little bit of hard surface modeling in max then a detail pass in ZBrush  About the carpets, it was really easy actually. It's done in max, with spline and soft selection. I did a quick breakdown :

Hi guys, I recently started a new project so I thought it was about time to make my own sketchbook thread.

Notice how a few polygons from the face are enough to build the nose.

Notice how a few polygons from the face are enough to build the nose. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

On this character model I like the armor style with it seeming to be solid chunks of rock almost blending into the character model like an exoskeleton, The weapon will also provide further inspiration towards making a character with a large sword such as this

The reason i like this weapon is that it looks very powerful as it is the same size as the character, I think this could have an advantage of winning a battle.