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I love dioramas. I think I want to make some. :)

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Solving Equations- All Four Operations- Grade 6-120 Math Task Cards

$ The Columbian Exchange A Power Point Lesson This is the perfect power point presentation to teach the Columbian Exchange. The explanation for all that is included in the Columbian Exchange is illustrated and amplified by the slides and the many links leading to online animations, maps, and resources. While the 38 slide presentation can stand alone, there is a worksheet available that mirrors several of the slides and the answer key is included in the presentation.

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Daily Warm Up Questions for US History

A complete school year's worth (120 slides!) of daily warm up or bell-ringer questions for American History! The slides start with Jamestown and the early colonies and continue through to 9/11, the Patriot Act, and even President Obama! All slides contain engaging graphics for visual learners and utilize a variety of questioning styles with 3-4 questions to engage students with a CCSS focus, reflect on past learning, and segue into your new lesson! An amazing resource!

Free literacy lessons for teaching about the U S Constitution

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Production and Consumption: Economics Lesson

PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION ECONOMICS ACTIVITIES~ These easy-to-use, no-prep, printables are great to introduce or review goods and services. Companion products also available. #economics #production #consumption #activities #printables $

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Who is the Government Fairy and What is She Doing here

Make learning about the local, state and federal government more fun with a sprinkle of fairy dust! This unit kicks off with a read-aloud (or guided reading) story written at the 3.2 reading level called "Jenny and the Government Fairy". (as determined by Okapi Readability). Four activity sheets go with the story and match Common Core Standards for 3rd and 4th grade. $

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Patriots & Loyalists: A Propaganda Assignment! Students create from both sides

Patriots & Loyalists: A Propaganda Assignment! Students create from both sides!

Map Collage embroidery earth blue stars anatomy by selflesh, $30.00