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Vivid Sydney 2013 at Darling Harbour

I really want to have a go at this. Behold the Pixelstick, a cool new device for creating long-exposure light paintings. It takes any digital image and displays it on an array of LEDs that you can then photography with your camera. Watch it in motion the link: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/10/light-painting-evolved-introducing-the-pixel-stick/

Electrifying 3D Ensembles - The Iris van Herpen Spring Couture 2013 Defines Novel Garment Silhouette (GALLERY)

7 vivid sydney 2013 Vivid Sydney 2013 – 18 days of light, music and ideas

https://flic.kr/p/exHbG1 | Vivid Sydney 2013 | 29/05/2013 Vivid Sydney 2013

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect. It is a summit, forum and playground for the creative industries. Click here to check out Dynasty Travel's 9D7N Legendary Pacific Coast Self Drive Convoy! http://www.dynastytravel.com.sg/?/ch=group_tours_english&pg=country_english_australia&ac=AC_CNbn9GXq_20140213124753 In the meantime, be inspired by what Vivid Sydney have to offer!

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