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Tableau imprimé palmier 24x34

The million dollar question: how do you make a small studio feel truly huge? Here I'll share with you the best tips on styling a small studio!

When pictures inspired me #123 / FrenchyFancy

When pictures inspired me #123

Here are 20 simple ways to make a house feel like a home, from lighting a candle to creating a space that’s just for you

Figura de cactus de porcelana bicolor H. 25 cm | Maisons du Monde

Figura de cactus de porcelana bicolor H. 25 cm

Home Decoration on Maisons du Monde. Take a look at all the furniture and decorative objects on Maisons du Monde.

En el interior, rincones verdes | tránsito inicial

Plantas en el interior, rincones verdes

We are big fans of leaning posters and framed art against the wall, it is a low commitment way to add a variety of prints to your space and so easy to change! These graphic prints look great with the mesh backdrop and some textiles to soften.

Also not a bad idea to have a small stack of simple posters next to it, to add some interest - also great if you can't hang things up!

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Boule de végétaux artificiels à suspendre en verre

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