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Cops Horrified To Find What Was Happening In Woman’s Home With 46 Dogs
Breaking: It's Happening Folks! Gingrich Just Called For The Arrest Of Madonna
Little known fact: in Medieval times, there was a chance to escape the gallows pole by playing and winning a simple word game. Simple, execpt for the fact that spelling wasn't a finite concept back then and most peasants couldn't read anyways.
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HAPPENINGS: @Bizolly! A Grand Expedition! A Grand Expedition #Entrepreneur #Innovation #Inspiration #Bizolly
Sweet Bear Creek Whims Happenings...: Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
Obsessed with these lunar phase nails.
Paris is 2000 Years Old, c.1951
Beelitz Heilstaetten, Germany was built in 1898, as a TB sanitorium. It was turned into an army hospital in WW1, Hitler himself was treated there. It was occupied by Soviet forces between WW1 and 1995, by turn of century it was completely abandoned. It is now called "Hospital of Horror".
Thanksgiving Day with shag rug Siamese and giant bread
Nasty bullies! (...and I'm pretty sure the President would have cleaned his punk-ass clock)
Unusual ripples in Saturn's rings are revealing the mysterious inner workings of the great gas giant.
Gwen Stefani's braided, updo hairstyle from the front
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