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I miss you everyday. I miss my best friend, and talking to you. I sometimes wonder if you feel the same. But I know you do, Mom

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As another month approaches it's still so unbelievable that you left before dad and I You are loved beyond measure and missed with every breath sweetie! Always Momma and Daddy XoxoxoX

And life goes on...but never the same...

To my dear Joe♡♡♡,Life goes on. but never the same without you♡,

~~~ To hear your names, to remember the laughter, to remember the times when it wasn't so easy, to remember Them. Simply to remember them.  I miss you Mom and Dad with all my heart. xox ~~~

Breaking the silence about your loss is important. When you talk about your loved one, let others know that it is an acceptable topic of conversation and it will help you to deal with your loss.

Make them proud

And to honor them! I know you would never have wanted me to waste the rest of my life, so do my best toI live it in honor of you - you taught me so much.