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Large amounts of wind and solar drive down market prices a phenomenon known as the merit order effect. And if wind and solar producers are dependent on those market prices for their income, they will also drive down their own revenues. In other words, the more wind and solar we have, the less [ ] The post Do We Really Need Solar That’s Too Cheap to Meter? appeared first on

Obama's Plans for the Suburbs: And How to Stop Them

The Collector's Guide Vintage Bakeware

1. Kugelhopf Mold Used to bake a traditional German Kugelhopf—a yeasty cake containing raisins, nuts, and brandy—this pan has a beautiful swirl pattern called gadroons. Unmarked and from the early 1900s, it goes for $200. 2. Trottier Mold This 1870s piece was made by the esteemed Trottier company of France. Its unusual form (the large open center was filled with fruits once the dessert was set) and prized maker's mark give it a $500 value today. 3. Benham

Song In D Minor No. 13 Parfum

Song In D Minor No. 13 Parfum A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with an image of a delicate bird in cage. A complex melody: White Orchid, Orange Flower, Gardenia & Amber Price $28.00

Engineering students in Kolkata create device for 24x7 solar power

A 100 kilowatt pilot project is already being planned in hills of East India, while its smaller version, producing 100 watts of power 24x7 is now running in Kolkata .

Sunflare's new ultra-thin solar "wallpaper" can stick to any surface

The Los Angeles-based Sunflare team spent 16 years developing their ideal solar cell made with copper, indium, gallium, and selenide. The solar cells are said to be superior to traditional solar technologies in terms of weight and efficiency, generating 10 percent more power and weighing 65 percent more lightweight than other panels. Sunflare’s CIGS solar cells are affordable too, potentially costing as little as $1.07 per watt.The Los Angeles-based startup has developed solar cells just a…

Arcadia Power launches a solar energy service