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When you want an extrovert to stop talking to you but you don't know how to politely end the conversatioon

15 awkward social problems only introverts will understand

Trending GIF rihanna shocked stare oh really blank stare fascinating deadpan stare dumbfounded no comment o rly expressionless fascinated

Just wrong!

This is what happens when you actually go fuck yourself. (Pardon the language but too funny not to pin!

They honestly need this so much

Guys, thank you for all you do. I know you guys feel pressured to do this, but I I drstand what you guys are going thru. My grandmother and grandfather died of cancer, I have anxiety a lot, I'm insecure you are not alone

Cheaters NEVER learn....

Smart guy's don't cheat on country girls ♥ Thank you Carrie Underwood