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"I failed 3 times in college. I applied 30 times to get a job but I was always rejected. When KFC came to China for the first time, we were 24 to apply and I was the only one dismissed. I wanted to go into the police but I was the only one not accepted. I applied 10 times to Harvard University in the US and I was rejected. " - Jack Ma Moral: Failures are stepping stones to #success‬, never get disheartened. They are indications that better #opportunities‬ are waiting for you…..

A girl reads a book on her balcony as smoke rises from chimneys at a steel plant, on a hazy day in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, China, April 3, 2014.REUTERS/Stringer

Quiet focuses on the culture of personality in America. The book talks about an introverted student at the Harvard Business School. He had an internship in China and realized why the Chinese were his people. We have talked about how global leadership is becoming more and more important. Technology has bridged communication gaps but cultural differences remain. Accepting both introverts and extroverts as added value will help leaders become more global in their approach to leadership.

La conduite du changement digital peut intervenir dans de nombreuses fonctions de l'entreprise. Ces évolutions séduisent de plus en plus de sociétés ! Découvrez comment l'entreprendre à votre tour ➡

China loses its allure

China loses its allure. Why life is getting harder for foreign companies in China. Have a read!

Estos son los periodistas mexicanos más influyentes de Twitter en 2015. #ListasForbes

Would you choose green energy if I told you it was affordable and you didn't have to change your utility company?

Institutional Shareholder Services Inc, the biggest shareholder advisory firm, recommended that Dell Inc stockholders vote in favor of Chief Executive Michael Dell’s $24.4 billion buyout, increasing the odds of his prevailing against billionaire investor Carl Icahn’s rival bid.