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Buy Now Little book "secret stash" steampunk by histeamart EURI worked this old way encyclopedia Steampunk.You can hide inside, secrets, cigarettes,

Vintage thimble tassel pendant. Not the safety pin, but the bead and other charms

Vintage Thimble necklace wonder if I could make a tassle out of a thimble with chains.

Faith In Humanity sir Nicholas i would love to write a book about both your story and that of those you saved <-- I stared to cry at that part

Oracle Theban rune

Cypher Wheel Cipher Disk Wood with Theban, Ogham, Enochian, Celtic Rune Scripts in Black Ink, for your Secret Codes.


Drums have long been used to communicate over great distances. Slave traders were threatened by this power and took away the drums of people they captured. Those who played drums had power and were free.