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Guys are do things a little differently...

Guys are do things a little differently…

That would be me, awkward and weird ;)

People with awkward and weird personalities tend to make the best friends. wtf fun facts>>>>>>>> Well, I'm awkward, and I also have a weird personality. so why do I have only 4 friends?

i should have not laughed so hard lol

‘I’m sorry’ and ‘my bad’…

Haha this is hilarious. You can't not laugh at this! Lol, too funny!

President, I wanted to say that you are an amazing mind full of great ideas.

Wearing the same clothes

Funny how true it is until you have a class all five days with some of the same people😑 but the thought does cross one's mind

This is one of the most hilariously accurate things I have ever seen!!!

haha fr because yesterday the guy was super perky and he's like "hello it's a beautiful day at chickfila my name is.__ how may I help you" and then he's like my pleasure

<b>"Taters gonna Tate."</b> WARNING: Spoilers of past seasons.

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