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5 Life Lessons Dads Can Learn from Their Daughters

Dads sure can dish the advice, but can we take it? Five Life Lessons Dads Can Learn from their Daughters turns the tables.

5 Ways Being a Dad is a Lot Like Science

Science has a lot in common with parenting, and being an All Pro Dad is as much about learning as it is coming up with answers.

5 Things to Say to Your Kids Every Day

It’s easy to run through the routines and go days without serious communication with our kids. Here are 5 Things All Pro Dads Say to Their Kids Every Day.

5 Things Not to Say to Your Kids

As All Pro Dads, we have this power at our disposal every day we’re around our children. We talked with teachers, social workers, pastors, and parents, and the following five examples came up often enough that they bear some extra thought.

5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace

Dads often confuse quiet with peace. Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace” sets the record straight with practical guidelines.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Bond with Your Children

All of our smart phones, tablets, social media, and the whole lot can (and should) be used to promote a closer bond with our kids. How do we do that? Here are 5 ways to use technology to bond with your kids!

What I Learned at My First Father-Daughter Dance

There's nothing more special for a dad and his little girl than a father-daughter dance. All Pro Dad explains why it is so significant.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Life

Let’s spend plenty of time teaching, training, and preparing our kids to do their best in life. To that end, here are 5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Life.

Dadvice: The Ultimate Collection of Advice for Fathers

A list of 90 pieces of advice for new dads. I think this list works great for moms too though. Pin now, read later.