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That and my sweet style. Love Moss!


15 Trees That'll Nom On Anything

LOL idk why i found this to be so funny hahaha, i'm just sitting at work bored so i guess i'm easily amused

from Metro

Ten-second optical illusion will have you seeing things that aren't there

Colored optical illusion!! I know with a lot of the stare at the red dot illusions you can't blink, but with this one you can!

fyeah journalss ♥ - jenndalyn: It’s been a weird, weird day. Mercury...

Mind trick. Don't try just do it! unless you have dyslexia, that'd be evil...

The weird thing is that this just happened, but then without the blood and with a paintbrush instead


I like being weird.

The IT Crowd...thanks Moss - i like being weird too ^^

from Oddee

World's Most Bizarre Statues

...not another day at the office sculpture