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Stills From Life [Part XXVI] VIV: [NOTE: I do not care to appear more 'sexually appealing'. There are females who interest you sexually so go after them; then perhaps it can develop into a part-intellectual relationship as well. I am tired of being called undesirable by the opposite sex. You do not need to have sex with everyone; just the women you prefer.]

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] IV: "Now, when it comes to the universal color spectrum, I am of the fairest shade of DEEP. Lara Stone is the fairest of FAIR. Padma Lakshmi is the fairest of BROWN."

Stills From Life [Part XXVI]: "I have spoken of the African color spectrum before, but I believe this needs to be compared and contrasted to the universal color spectrum." *I have lost track in the number so I will post pictures and take a break.

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] III: "So who in the entertainment industry is considered whom? I consider Tyra Banks to be the deepest shade of FAIR. Gabrielle Union is the fairest shade of DEEP. And all those in-between -a la Meghan Good- is of a BROWN complexion."

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] V: "I hope this confirmation relieved you of any confusion that my past statements may have produced. I know skin color to be a major entity in racial discussions in this country, and for us to put thought into action we must first CLARIFY for all whom is whom."

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] X: "'....being FAIR? I mean, for your Christ's sake, wouldn't you rather not appear STUPID in front of others and come to TERMS as to what your skin color is truly defined as?' These people who I often interact with in school settings is why I find such ease in writing my thoughts out on blogs. At least you can read all I have to say before bursting into tears or better yet- spreading false gossip in insecurity."

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] VII: "I found myself often walking on shells when interacting with Blacks. I had my own definitions to certain words, and people were often too emotionally upset to hear me out." [NOTE: There is a point in time when the sex act is of interest, but when rejected by several men for even a date, you find yourself not caring as to whether YOU'RE GOOD AT IT. The interest in sex wanes and you find yourself excelling in plenty of your personal pursuits (excluding men).]

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