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Pretty gems, but the claims need a citation.

Fluorite helps heal particularly mental & emotional energy such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It can increase one’s concentration and self-confidence. It can aid in cleansing the aura, encourages positivity and boosts the immune system.

Birthstones By Month Infographic

Birthstones By Month Infographic

♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

10 Ways To Use Healing Crystals | Free People Blog #freepeople

10 Ways To Use Healing Crystals

10 Ways To Use Healing Crystals | Free People Blog #freepeople

Healing power of crystals

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smokey quartz

SMOKY QUARTZ is a grounding and stabilizing gemstone that brings centering energies. It helps you to overcome negative emotions, such as stress, fear, jealousy, anger and even feelings of depression. AFFIRMATION: "I am grounded and rid of all negativity.

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Top Recommended Crystals: Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, or Sunstone Additional Crystal Recommendations: Sugilite or Citrine. Pyrite and Sunstone promote positive thinking. Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz transmute negative energy int



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DECEMBER - TURQUOISE The brilliant beauty of Turquoise takes center stage this December, with this new infographic from the experts at Brilliance highlighting various knowledge bits about December's gorgeous birthstone

5 Minute Crystal Protection

Here is a simple 5 minute ritual for crystal protection that you can do for a quick boost for health and safety.

5 must-have crystals for empaths

5 Must Have Crystals For Empaths

If you’re a highly sensitive being, you may know all too well how easy it is to absorb the energies of environments and people. While being this intuitive has its[.] If you like this sort of thing that is ?