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After 76 years, Wonder Woman hits the big screen and she hits Hollywood in a big way.
After 76 years, Wonder Woman hits the big screen and she hits Hollywood in a big way.
Without being narcissistic or arrogant, being at ease with yourself is essential to every aspect of your life.
According to many studies, eating disorders rank the number one mental illness with the highest mortality rate. 1.o%-4.2% of females have battled Anorexia Nervosa in their lifetime. 4% of women will develop Bulimia Nervosa in their lifetime. 4 out of 10 people have experienced or know someone who has experienced an eating disorder. Do these statistics scare you yet?  Fighting an eating disorder off and on since I was 13, these factual studies still amaze me. The stigma around eating…
Working out in LA isn’t just sweating in a Race For The Cure t-shirt, burning calories and going home to shower; It is a status update, a fashion show of lulu lemon gear, an instagram post, and a competition for the best six pack. #fitlife #abday #onthatg
First, I agree that consent is very important, especially when the sexual relationship between a couple is new. If there are boundaries, they should be set beforehand, and each partner should be sure the other is ready. With that being said, as a sexual assault victim, I do not believe that every sexual encounter warrants a conversation. There are a wide variety of situations and relationships, and I believe consent comes in various forms. I would never expect my husband, or anyone that I…
Living in the 21st century brings many opportunities and possibilities as being “different” has never been this fashionable. Looking from the outside in, it would seem like this world is a tolerant and accepting world where each person can be a unique individual, but upon closer inspection of our own lives we see this is not true.
You know when people ask you questions regarding what you may or may not want in your future? They are specifically asking the future you.
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