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11 Apps to Watch Out for in 2017

There were over 2 million apps available to Android and Apple users in and thousands of new apps are created each day by companies all over the world.

10 More iPhone Tricks That You Are Unaware Of

Rediscover your iPhone, with these hidden, lesser-known tricks that many of you may not know. Also see : 18 Top Hidden Features in iOS 9 Lock Autofocus

Top Laptop Tips To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck. Those that do not have the right knowledge find purchasing a laptop to be quite the ordeal.

The Role of Mobile Technology in the Rise of Africa’s Digital economy

Bridging Trade & Investment Conference 15th September 2017

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. by kasto. Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

Getting your iPhone back from recovery mode

zoho invoice alternative 384 best Alternatives to FreshBooks and ZOHO Invoicing Software .

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Top Neurosurgery Hospitals in India

View details of top neurosurgery hospitals in India. Get guidance from medical experts to select best neurosurgery hospital in India

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Microsoft details new Windows 10 privacy controls are on the way

Microsoft details new Windows 10 privacy controls are on the way

Windows 10 is getting some better and clearer privacy options when the Creators Update is finally here

Employee Mobility and Shadow IT [Infographic]

Despite the benefits of increased employee mobility, this trend can turn out to be devastating for the organization.