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Blacksmith Custom Power Hammer | description & photos

Blacksmith Custom Power Hammer | description & photos


Celtic Cross Hand Forged in Iron by WayfarerForge on Etsy

Link to a site which explains the art of blacksmithing, includes tool info, etc. Click on the "article" link in the first paragraph.

Blacksmithing for Beginners

Link to a site which explains the art of blacksmithing, includes tool info, etc…

This is fascinating. I knew different materials would put off different colors, but the *pattern* guide is rather amazing.

The Spark Test and Spark Testing Metals. Would make a great poster in the shop.

Ideas and tips for blacksmith tools , basic blacksmithing for beginners . | http://pioneersettler.com/blacksmithing-tools-for-beginners/

Blacksmithing Tools That Are Essential For The Basics

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De acordo com a cor que o aço atinge, seguindo essa escala se tem a idéia quase exata da temperatura que é capaz de chegar uma forja dentro dos processos térmicos necessários pra que seja feita uma simples faca.

Pair Antique Candlesticks Brass Candle Holders Push Bronze Indian Vintage Cast

Steel changes color as it is heated in a forge. THis is an important thing for the blacksmith to know and observe. Here I show you the color changes of the steel and how it changes in workability.

Cergol Tool & Forgeworks

Cergol Tool - Handcrafted in America by a old blacksmith from Milwaukee, these axes, knives, & hammers are original designs based on historical tools and feature the blacksmith’s unique decorative touches, making them as beautiful as they are functional.

projectitis — Bend the brakes!

Homemade sheetmetal brake constructed from angle iron and fastened to a workbench.