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This is one of my favorite TV scenes of all time.

What are your favorite quotes from Spongebob? Crabs is trying to remember what Spongebob said to him earlier. Spongebob says ( in Mr.

Tumblr Valentine's card 5

The internet's best sassy comic-sans Valentine's Day cards from Dora the Explorer, Toy Story, Frozen, Spongebob, and more!


It's funny how deep that quote means but then you realize it's from sponge bob and it's funny

I ask myself that every day...but realize I'm the teacher, so nope

Spongebob--"Can I be excused for the rest of my life?" Uhh school in general…

The evolution of students

The evolution of students

I didn't look like that when I was a freshmen! And I certainly don't look like Sophmore spongebob now! And I really hope I don't look like Junior spongebob next school year! Senior spongebob looks cool though.


Come on i wumbo you wumbo he she me wumbo wumboing wumbology the study of wumboness its first grade spongebob