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170207 at Jungkook Graduation Ceremony

170207 at Jungkook Graduation Ceremony

Bts shipleri Vkook , jikook ,hopemin ............. #rastgele # Rastgele # amreading # books # wattpad

Bts shipleri ❤

Omg Tae what are you doing to Jin Congrats to our dear Jin for graduating!

Aww they've grown so much! Jungkookie especially - I'm so proud of them all <3

Can we please just look at how jimin is looking at jungkook instead of the camera. And we know how much he loves the camera, but not as much as he loves his kookie

onde tudo começa depois de uma visita noturna.  ~너와 함께한 모든 시간이 눈부셨다~ … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

last night ♡; kth + jjk

♪To you, seniors, who now received the diploma-♪ He’s the youngest of BTS. JUNG KOOK has finally graduated. He made his farewell to his School of Performing Arts Seoul on Feb He got his shining …

Anyways,                     Thanks for reading!

Be With You (Sequel to Undercover Fan) - Let's Go


tuck that tongue in uploaded by yoongiii on We Heart It

#wattpad #de-todo »únete a leer las razones para shippear está hermosa pareja.  ✿ lxvekyu

Razones para shippear Vkook/Taekook/Kookv - 1♡

i freaking LOVE jungkook's smile omy gosh ! v tho ^^ (with his overly sexy neck vain.) Aaaagggh this is sooooo cuute!