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self esteem mirror love this!! could use this idea in a girls group with small individual mirrors or in individual counseling. Have students come up with their strengths and post it on a mirror.

Words to replace negative self-talk!

PLEASE Take one! Kids love self-esteem boosters. Great Concept

Positive self-affirmations and mindfulness activity in today's DBT skills group.

Family game night. M&Ms Feelings Activity - Adapt for R.S. Valentine Party (i.e. - One thing you love about your hubby, etc.) Keep positive!

self-esteem quotes or sayings photo: self esteem

Affirmation bracelets- kids art therapy group (7-10y/o boys and girls). Typed and printed words as well as stamped words.

The YOU ARE Jar of Positive Affirmations is a fast and easy DIY project you can do for your children, friends, and family.

Making Affirmation Cards is a great self esteem building activity!