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self esteem mirror love this!! could use this idea in a girls group with small individual mirrors or in individual counseling. Have students come up with their strengths and post it on a mirror.

Positive Personality Traits - goals to work for, words to learn & use about ourselves. Interestingly "sensitivity" is on there. Most sensitive people, think sensitivity to be a weakness - hey guys its not!!!. I would also add empathy as a major strength.

Affirmation bracelets- kids art therapy group (7-10y/o boys and girls). Typed and printed words as well as stamped words.

Family game night. M&Ms Feelings Activity - Adapt for R.S. Valentine Party (i.e. - One thing you love about your hubby, etc.) Keep positive!

Forty different positive adjectives are reflected in the mirror so when the viewer looks in the mirror they can see the adjectives. No instructions for making it.