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Frankfurt...September 1st

Frankfurt...September 1st

Damascus, Syria. Here is where I will wander ancient streets and think about all the history around me. But I will make friends there among the ladies, and together we will marvel at the architecture and giggle about things beneath our veils and go shopping in the market and barter with the sellers.

Merchants and craftsmen have sold their wares outside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria for hundreds of years. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. by Christopher Herwig, Aurora

Old damascus, Syria

Narrow winding alley´s in the ancient city of Damascus, Syria

a water labyrinth in the Qasr al-Azm palace in Damascus, Syria and dates from around 1750

Water labyrinth in Qasr al-Azm palace, Damascus, Syria, dated

Damascus, Syria, Before And After - War destroys everything it touches.  Now imagine that first one as a street in California.  It could be, you know; someday.  This is much how people felt about the Civil War too.  That one was the last major war on American soil

Damascus, Syria, Before And After

Aleppo, Syria, Before And After - War destroys everything it touches.