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Mirai Nikki

Imagen de mirai nikki, anime, and yuno

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I cried so much at this anime I love it the emotions are unreal in away I feel sorry for them all they all have reasons doing it and for yuno it wasn't her fault but I and in the ova it was also cry able because they were all happy and safe in this new dimension :) I love it so much

Future Diary ~~ All the diary holders. Who do you chose?

But I'm glad we don't learn about it in school because then all the idiots would like it

No love story not even romeo & Juliet is as tragic as future diary.

Mirai Nikki Meme - NOW KISS! by Daiasoes

Not all up with the gay stuff. but this made me laugh! Mirai Nikki Meme - NOW KISS! by Daiasoes

Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, and Baka to Test combined... I don't know about, you but I feel like I'm... I'm... *shed anime tears* in heaven....

How About NEVER!<< We are so fucking screwed we might as well prepare ourselves for the massive fucking we're about to receive like holy shit, we are screwed as fuck like not even Yato can save our asses today, goodbye world nice knowing ya.