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Illustrator Olly Moss' beautiful artworks underpin the coolest game in the world right now - Digital Arts

Firewatch features a beautiful low-poly world based on art by British illustrator Olly Moss.

1.) Bluehole Pond, Crevlhorn, Cerulea 3.) Kiryuiin Dojo, Yomi, Shou Provinces 4.) Topa River, Zoizolt, Cerulea 5.) Phoria Highlands, Cerulea 6.) Seythos, Harseth 7.) Naraba Desert, Mull 8.) Harpy Den, Crevlhorn 9.) Temple of Gandrathol, Phoria

Some scenes fighting Ares original paintings and objects design, painting games . @ seven-night snow collected souls month M figure) _ petal game

Runescape Concept Art

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