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I hate posts like this but I ignored so much of them that perhaps it’s because of this xD so maybe I should start to repost this shit

Yo I re-pinned this before and I overslept for school but my parents said it's OK you don't have to go

HOPING YOU GET CLASSES CANCELED <<<dear goodness I hope this works<< I'm off sick so hopefully they cancel school tomorrow so I don't have a crap tonne of homework to catch up on

Just curious

Just curious

I don't believe those middle three statements. I hate it when people rub my tummy and not every person fits into a box of desiring control

The repost thing is dumb, mainly reposting because it makes some accurate points

Whatever but jic lol jkjk

umm, my true love is currently in a world famous band traveling around the world not knowing i exist. ---- literally rejoining this for the previous caption bc it is my life

My mom died almost a year ago, and I would give anything to have her back again❤️

The only reason why I'm posting this is because I love my mom but I don't believe in the dying crap it is a coincidence because MANY people could have not reposted this but it just happened that one of the many people who didn't repost this their mom died

Hate you guys. Like, really hate you -_-again nooooope

Lol I usually don't do chain mail but the comments are funny and I also love my mom soooo


Bullying is one of my HUGEST pet peeves. It affects people. It hurts people. And people keep doing it. How to get out of high school with a clean conscience: treat people with Decency!

Kids are weird

Kids are weird