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Types of Volcanoes Circle Book Manipulative

Engage your students creativity with this hands-on project that encourages them to learn about volcanoes. They will research three types of volcanoes and create a circle book that highlights what they learned. The ready-to-color illustrations feature cutaways of a Cinder Cone, a Composite Cone, and a Shield Volcano, complete with keys.

Food Chain Links Activity Set

A fun activity set where students will create the order of two different food chains and show the transfer of energy. Great way to visualize the order of food chains for your students! Bring art and creativity into your science lesson by having students create paper chain links that show the order of a food chain. $ #MagnifyingTheScienceClassroom #Elementary #Science

Biomes Brochure Project

Have your student create a brochure to show their understanding of biomes. Instructions and requirements included!