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Incredible News! A momentous step for K-9 Battle Buddy Teams and a major victory for military dogs has been taken in the form of the 2016 NDAA - New Bill GUARANTEES Military Dogs Return Home to U.S. and Gives Human Handlers First Adoption Rights!

5 Heartwarming Stories That Prove Dog Is Man's Best Friend

Faithful military dog with it's master one last time. There are many retired animals who worked with the police and military force that need loving homes that will understand their PTSD....making sure they have a happy life

Really want to read 'Soldier Dogs' after the author's interview on the Daily Show the other night...

Top 12 Tear-Jerking Reunions Between Soldiers and Dogs

Therapy and family support are highly beneficial and can help people deal with PTSD symptoms,but for many, dogs are all the therapy they need.