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A Recent Wedding Cake Made For A Same Couples Civil Wedding A recent Wedding Cake made for a same *** couple's civil wedding.

14 Wedding Dessert Ideas (That Aren’t Cake!)

edit: ok, I didn't think I actually had to clarify this but...KOVU AND SIMBA ARE NOT A COUPLE!!! YEESH! I was thinking about how the presentation of three cubs would happen and then I thought hey, ...

heres the (5 years overdue) video for the track Kinnex by Funckarma. - original release on Vell Vagranz n5MD -- CATMD164 05 Nov 2008 - a couple of days ago i accidentally discovered the project files id started preparing for Funckarma back in 08 and decided to attempt a few renders and a bit of compositing in order to produce a somewhat valid presentation. unfortunately, due to the insufficient durations the renders, i was forced to edit down this …

A tall skinny two tier cake atop a tower of cupcakes with fondant hearts stamped with the couple's initials.

5 Tips For A Fabulous Charcuterie Board

Our New First Lady's Got Style! Introducing Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau

Our New First Lady's Got Style! Introducing Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau | Her Campus

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