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Negative Market Reaction to Company News

IBM brainiacs predict steampunk success

IBM brainiacs predict steampunk success

If you do not have your own trend scouts or futureologists then and algorithms may serve you in identifying trends like "Steampunk" early enough to be prepared when they reach your market segments or mature enough for you to expand with and through them.

What is the best text analytics API + service?

16 Of Science's Best Infographics, From Ancient Greece To Today

<p>We all say it's "freezing" out when it's actually 40 degrees or "boiling" when it's 80. This chart compares the actual weather to over 700,000 sentiment-analyzed social media messages about the weather throughout 2011.</p>

Effective social media analytics

Social media isn't just about collecting Facebook "likes" any more, says Danny Bradbury. The smart money is extracting intelligence from the network.