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Audree has always been such a sweet soul but everyday I'm seeing a little bit more sass in her. Here comes trouble number 2

Having your soul on fire I thought was a unicorn moment. How does one possess so much passion and love for what they do? Well tonight I got experience just that. Working on the we love moms project showcasing the beauty and power in moms has been the most rewarding experience and journey. I'm so grateful to meet these woman and connecting with their families through capturing their everyday love. Having a client get excited about the end results and truly see how precious her family is and…

"I don't have something behind my back." -the girl that always tells on herself Zanella.

I'm racking up more smiles more giggles and more happy tears through my this year! Hope your ready

Hey 2017 I already got a head start! New blog post in bio.... check it out!

TMZ posted a video of Kim Kardashian on her phone while her little girl fell in the street. I'm sure we have all been there as moms were are attention is not always 100% on our children. We live in a world were we are glued to our phones and many other sources of distraction Ive have become so engulfed in what I've consumed that I sometimes forget my own thoughts. I don't take the time to truly engage with my husband all the time. I don't always look at my little girls in the their eyes when…

It has always been you and It will always be you! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!