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Hours after news broke that rookie male group HOTSHOT was involved in a minor accident on December their agency KO Sound personally wrote an update to fans.

WINNER Talks About What It's Like to Open for Big Bang - Soompi

The members of YG Entertainment's rookie male group WINNER recently shared their feelings on what it was like to open for senior male group, Big Bang.

dumb peasant

I think I would freak out if someone told me that buying band merch is stupid. School of rock.

oh Seb, one day you're going to meet me and realize I'm the one. hahaha

Longer list of fangirl problems! I relate to pretty much all of them except the poster up, I don't put up posters since I feel I'll basically die lmao instead most of my camera roll will be dedicated too them

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Paul Rudd is me. I am Paul Rudd, we are one.<<< I love that part! It is so funny!

No, but I'm obsessed. i'm defiantly beyond obsessed

i'm defiantly beyond obbssesed. Notice this is on my Percy Jackson board? llllll yah you could say I'm obsessed