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Logic puzzles are great enrichment for summer. I like to have these on hands just for fun. Students select them and take them home or do in class when there is down time.

Save post-it notes by using these Guided Math Focus Notes For Number. The cards can be printed onto coloured paper. After working with students, write down their target number/goal on the card and have them take it home. This will inform parents of what target their child is working on in class. I have used this strategy in my classroom and have found that by taking the cards home, students are more likely to work on the target with their parents. © Tales From Miss D

This is a fun game that keeps your students moving. It is a quick way to see if they have know their facts or you can use it as an assessment. the cards can also be used as a center with the manipulatives. $ #math#teaching ideas#Scoot#game#winter#snowmen#subtraction

Freebie! Multiplying by 8 - Multiplication Math Games and Lesson Plans This 26-page multiplication package focuses on multiplying by 8. Teaching elementary students to multiply is quick and effective when students practice their multiplication facts with these fun and engaging reproducible multiplication games, lesson plans and activities. Free!

Do your kiddos need a little extra practice for math? If so, this product might work for you! This product covers 1st grade skills. This product works nicely with my math practice sheets as well. This product has a PDF to print. On the PDF - there's a QR code that students can scan to check their work. I've also included a PPT with the answers to each page incase you want to do this whole class.

It's the Pythagorean Zombie Apocalypse! This resource is your ultimate Pythagorean Theorem and Converse package! Common Core Standards 8.G.6 and 8.G.7 are covered. This resource includes pre and post assessments, differentiated activities, and enrichment. The zombies make everything more entertaining! Available at the TpT store, Piece of Pi.

Multiplication 5-Minute Timed Tests Factors 0-12 Package - This 22-page package of Multiplication Tests is everything you need to assess your students’ basic skills in multiplication. There is a one-page multiplication test with 100 problems for each factor 0-12. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards... CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7 $

In this game, students use a toy fishing rod to "fish" for numbers. When students catch a fish, they must say the number that they have caught. Includes numbers 0 to 100. Simply use the cards that you want to focus on! To prepare; print, cut and laminate. Attach a paper clip to each fish. © Tales From Miss D

This Brain Bounce math game helps your kiddos practice addition, subtraction, greater than, and less than concepts. This great math game facilitates ELA and math skills for your kids. You can also use these math game cards in a math center or as a Scoot game. Included: -24 Math Game Cards -Directions to Brain Bounce math game -Recording and Answer sheets

Place Value Worksheet Pack - 25 PLACE VALUE WORKSHEETS WITH 9 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACTIVITIES This FUN and ENGAGING resource contains 25 place value worksheets that are designed to help students identify the numbers in HUNDREDS, TENS, and ONES place.Types of activities included:* Use the clues to color the number* Cut and paste to match it up* Write the standard and the expanded form of the number* Write each missing number* Complete the chart* Write the value of the digits in each number…

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