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Flash Freebie through Tuesday, October 28. This product includes two Thanksgiving themed problems. The first problem asks students to triple a pumpkin pie recipe. Students practice multiplication of a whole number by a fraction. The second problem asks students to find the tax and tip of a meal. Students are also asked to determine the cost per person (turkey) for dinner.

This activity has students practice two-step inequality problems involving all four operations. Students are asked to solve and graph an inequality and then search around the room for the answer to the problem. | by The Clever Clover

Word Problem Detective

Word Problem Task Cards FREEBIE - These longer story problems require students to read carefully to find the information they need. Two levels included!

Rational Numbers Word Problems Worksheets

This product includes four different themed pages with real-world problems using rational numbers. Each page has five questions for students to solve and an opportunity for the student to write their own problem.

Halloween Fall Distributive Property Bundle Maze & Color by Number Coloring Page

Halloween/Fall Math Distributive Property. This product includes 2 products in one: Maze 20 problems & Color-by-Answer 20 problems. Answer Keys Included, No prep, just print!

Here are Cornell Notes and a maze activity on solving two-step equations (including those with fraction coefficients). For the maze, the answer they get to one problem leads them to the next problem. My students really enjoyed this and preferred it over the traditional drill practice.

This fifteen minute activity is one of my favorites! The engaging activity has students discussing the 7.SP.C.5 and 7.SP.C.6 learning targets. Students will circulate throughout the room talking to nine different classmates. Students will find someone who can do or explain what’s asked for in the box (one person per box). The student will ask the person to initial one box and to describe the answer to the problem. The other student will summarize and write what was explained.

Math Task Cards-Order of Operations-Detect the Missing Number

If you're looking for a challenge for your students, this is the product for you. These 24 task cards ask your students to find the missing number in each problem. They have to remember to use the correct order as they work through to find the missing number.

In this activity, students will find the volume of prisms and pyramids. This chain activity is a great alternative to a worksheet. Students will cut the problems apart along the lines and work the card labeled "Start" and find their answer on the top of another card.

Algebra if-what task cards require students to solve two problems to come to an answer for the question asked as there is a part one ("if") and part two ("what") to each card. Integers, fractions, decimals, absolute value, order of operations, powers and square roots are a part of the process using inverse operations to solve for the variable.