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Yggdrasil+Tree+of+Life | Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life. Cold-c ast Relief Sculpture with antique ...

Yggdrasil: The World Tree. Cold-cast Relief Sculpture with antique BRASS finish. Norse Viking Mythology Tree of life

Tree of Life embroidery

Celtic Tree of Life - Amazing! I have no idea how I would quilt this -- maybe appliqué for the tree, and Celtic knot appliqué for the roots.

Yggdrasil : Yggdrasil (or Yggdrasill) was the cosmic tree; always a huge green ash, which represented the earth's axis around which nine were willing worlds  https://mythologica.fr/nordique/yggdrasill.htm

Yggdrasil, the world ash tree. Odin, on his 8 legged horse Sleipnir. His ravens Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory). -- all in a Celtic design!